Pure bred falcons
Ashgar Sakers - Altai Sakers (Mongolian) - Scottish Peregrines - Peales Peregrines Anatum Peregrines - Gyr Falcons White, Black, Grey & Silver

Gyr x Sakers Altai (all colours) - 3/4 Gyr x Sakers - 7/8 Gyr x Sakers - Gyr x Peregrines (White, Silver & Black, Peales & Scottish) - Peregrine x Sakers (Altai)

Superior Harris Hawks - Red Tails - Finnish Goshawks

Check out this page during the breeding season to see our latest additions.

black gyrkin falcon
Black Gyrkin

Listed on the left are the species we hope to be breeding in the forthcoming 2007 season. A full inventory of available stock can be supplied by e mail, fax or telephone, along with the latest information on prices.

All birds are parent reared unless ordered as imprints. (A 25% deposit will be required for Imprints).

Hacking is available, again a deposit will be required.

Full CITES permits will be supplied at cost to overseas buyers outside EEC countries.
Overseas shipments can be arranged by us at normal shipping costs. A 50% deposit will be required before shipment is arranged. Final payment will be required before the shipment takes place.

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